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Looking to ship your Antique, Exotic, or Classic car in a method that offers Extra Protection and High-Class Insurance? Then we recommend shipping in an Enclosed Trailer that will provide maximum security during the entire process. Your vehicle will be protected from outside elements, such as dirt, grime, and debris that may be kicked up from the road. Enclosed transportation will also protect your vehicle from all weather and passersby from tampering or having access to it.


There are two types of Enclosed Car Carriers,
Soft-Sided & Hard-Sided Enclosed.

A soft-sided trailer typically has a hard roof and sides that look like curtains. The sides are made of canvas and are pulled tight when closed during transport. The trailer also has a hard structure at the front and back. There is a slight possibility that some dust from the road might get on the vehicle during a Soft-sided Enclosed Transport.

A hard-sided enclosed transport is enclosed from every side. This trailer almost looks like the typical semi-truck and trailer that you see on the highway with the difference that the car trailer is lowered. In this type of transport, your vehicle is 100% closed off from all the road debris and dust.

Stress Free Shipping

We know that most exotic cars may be lowered and the worry of your vehicle being damaged during the loading and unloading process is frightening. There is no need to worry, simply notify us and we will find an Enclosed Carrier that is equipped with Hydraulic Lift Gates. This will guarantee that your loading and unloading process is damage free and stress-less for you.

If your vehicle costs up to $50,000 or more, we highly recommend you ship in an Enclosed Trailer. If you prefer a means of transport that is cost-effective and still gets the job done then Open Transport might be a better option.

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What our clients are saying

This was my first time shipping a car from another state, this company is simply amazing they answered all my questions I had. they replied promptly to all my messages and even called me with updates on my vehicle during shipping. Simply amazed. Not only was the customer service great they had the best prices to get my car shipped! I suggest & recommend this company to anyone looking to get their car shipped. Thanks again!
steven rodriguez
20:22 29 Oct 18
This company was phenomenal! Not only did every single person I talk to know exactly who I was and what I needed, but they listened to my concerns and worked with the time frame I needed my vehicle shipped and delivered in. Every single person was friendly and courteous! And the pricing was AMAZING!Vision Logistics is definitely the way to go! I couldn’t be happier with my service I received!
Nasha van Dijken
13:25 23 Oct 18
My auto transport was wonderful. Ariel worked with me everyday until we found the perfect driver. It was truly a great experience. Vision Logistics is the way to go!
Renee Nisbett
13:43 22 Oct 18
I had such a great experience with Vision Logistics! Not only were they the best price but both of my cars got delivered in 5 days!! The driver had great communication and arrived exactly on schedule. I will absolutely use this company again. Thank you!
Michelle Onofrio
19:58 24 Jul 18
I’m very happy with the service I received from your company. I also appreciate how aggressive you pursued the delays. However, I also understand the reasons for the delays and how human and mechanical issues can become very real. After talking with the owner of transport company you selected and spending time with the driver when we picked up the Jeep, I hold no negative feelings toward them and place the greatest priority in the condition of the Jeep when it was delivered. The Jeep was undamaged and in perfect condition. If I were to ship another vehicle, I would gladly select your company and the same transport company again without hesitation.
Jess T
15:37 28 Jun 18
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