Digital Automations for Transportation Industry

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It has been a while since humanity entered the digital age. Our everyday lives have become far easier with help from advanced digital technologies. But the question is, what’s next? Will future technological developments solve problems in areas like the transport sector?

Here are a few reasons why the leading transportation firms, (Uber, Tesla and Google), are investing in the automation of transportation industry. Reports about testing of autonomous, driverless cars show up on the headlines of news more and more often. The entire world is experiencing a rapid breakthrough in digitization. However, there is no certainty on how automation will influence the transport industry and freight segment overall. Imagine that one push of a button on an app will unlock one of the autonomous driverless trucks to arrive at the pick up location, load the freight and deliver overnight. Without any stops for lunch, breaks, or sleep, your load will arrive faster, safer and will save you cost on green delivery. But what about the truck drivers who will lose their jobs and the lives of many others involved that will be affected? What measures need to be taken to regulate the new transformations in the transport industry? And most importantly, the security risk of having autonomous cars and trucks connected to the internet, which can make them prone to malware and hack attacks, must be taken into consideration. In the meantime, investing experts predict the transition to digitized automation of the transport industry will occur and driverless vehicles will be on our roads within next 10 years.

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