Picking up and transporting a non-running vehicle from the auction or location of your choice

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Ever wondered how your non-operating/inoperable vehicle gets loaded?

Copart is one of the many auctions that carriers have encounters with non-running vehicles. If you have a vehicle that is inoperable, no problem! It can either be loaded with some help from a forklift or it can be rolled on and off.

In this case one of Leading Auto Transport’s trusted carriers is picking up a a non-operating 2013 Mazda CX-9 from Copart Auction using a forklift to upload the vehicle and get it ready for transporting. If your vehicle can roll, steer, and brake we can avoid the forklift and have it winched onto the trailer.

Do you have a vehicle anywhere in the states that needs to be picked up from an auction, like this one in Conway, AR? Or do you have a non-operating newly restored project car that needs to be shipped in an enclosed trailer? Receive a free quote within minutes by filling out our Free Quote Form or simply give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have!

Helpful tips on making sure your vehicle is ready for pick-up from auctions!

Make sure to have the following:

  • Lot number – that’s the inventory number for the vehicle
  • Buyer number – required by IAAI and Copart
  • Some type of reference number
  • VIN number – the full 17 digits or at least 6
  • In the case of Mecum auto auction they require the driver to have a release form
  • Manheim requires a gate pass to pick-up a car after hours
  • Leave the stress behind

Leading Auto Transport takes the worry out of any transporting needs, whether it be a running or non-running car, SUV, motorcycle, RV, dump truck, and even a semi truck. If you need to ship something out of the ordinary and its motorized, running or non-running, ask us, we’ll let you know!

If you have an Auto that needs to be transported, we will make sure to handle it with care as our own!

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